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आर 0 एम 0 पी 0 रजिस्ट्रेशन तथा क्या सी एम ओ ऑफिस में रजिस्ट्रेशन हो सकता है

Licensing of R.M.P./Registration

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Qustion :  What is RMP Registration Define It ?
Answer : The Meaning of RMP is Registered Medical Practitioner in INDIA, Initially RMP Certificate were issued by The Govt. on Experience base for Allopathic/Ayurvedic General Practice. Later on it had been closed due to opposition of training holder Doctors since a long it is Closed till today. 
So the RMP Registration are issued By this Organization or the institutes which are Registered By The Govt. It is a Metter of consideration of the Govt. that more then 50-60 Lacks RMP Doctors are providing their Primary Health Care Services in rural ,urban and also in city areas .These Doctors are not allowed Freely to Practice Nor Strongly Prohibited . There is no rule to give training to these Doctors By Govt. 

It is Under Planning As The Letter No. 110/8/4/77MPT/ME(P)1979 & No. 46/70MPT of Govt. of INDIA. According to the News of Leading News Paper's Daily Amar Ujala & Dainik Jagran 

Now The Govt. being prepared to imparting training & issuing Registration of Experience Holding Doctors. 

So, our Organisation is issuing RMP Registration On Merit base For Taking Registration form the Govt. This RMP Certificate Will be a Proof of the duration of Practice of a practitioner or Doctor At the time of Being Registration by Govt. 

So any experience Doctor/Practitioner/Eager Professional can take RMP registration certificate from this organisation. The organistion will safe gaurd to the RMP doctors as he will bind the ruleso of the Council  the Govt. The RMP Certificate will be issued By the Enrolment Council of the registered Medical practitiner an unit of The Moved IOSMS University Reg. by Govt . 

Registration    1- Ordinary Registration (Renewel Annually)   Fee - Rs/-5000/-  [USD 100]  2- Permanent Registration -Fee Rs/-10000/- [ USD 200]         3.-Renewal Fee--740/- per year- [USD 12 Per Year]
Note :  The Doctors who are Practicing more than 10 years, Can takePermanant "A" Class Registred  Medical Practitiner   Fee Rs20000/-[ USD 300]For Registration Apply          

According to the Judgment of High Court Chenni, Planning Commission Report & The letter of Govt. (No. 110/8/4/77MPT/ME(P) 1979 & No 4-6/70 MPT of Govt. of India) The RMP certificate Holder can practice in general medicine only. He can?t practice in Surgery, Obstetrics & Radiation Therapy in any form. He can not prescribed any medicine includes 'G','H' & 'L' of Drugs & Cosmetic Rules 1945 and other Dangers Drug at any cost.
Note: 1. Fee is not Refundable Nor Adjustable in other Courses 
2. From above Registration certificate, there will be no registration in MCI/DCI//State Medical Faculty or in CMO office. But this certificate will be proof of your knowledge. The Verification of your Certificates will send by the COUNCIL to the enquiring authorities as executive of health Department as CMO, Police, Media and Court etc. 

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